Precautions And Post-Surgery Measures For Wisdom Teeth Problems Followed By Jurong Dental Clinic

Precautions And Post-Surgery Measures For Wisdom Teeth Problems Followed By Jurong Dental Clinic

Dental surgery particularly may be delayed due to other kinds of health factors. Antibiotics may be used to heal the infection. Usually, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can remove wisdom teeth. Before the extraction, the dentist recommends the patient eat or drink after midnight on the night before surgery to let the body of the patient prepare for the anesthetic. The procedure for the surgery includes opening up the gum over the tooth and taking out any bone for covering the tooth. The tissue is separated for connecting the tooth to the bone and then the tooth is removed. The tooth may also be cut into several pieces by the doctor so that it can be removed efficiently. You can get the best Jurong Dental Clinic online. 

How is the surgery processed?

The area of surgery is then stitched out of which some heal (“dissolve”) with time whereas, some have to be manually removed by the surgeon. Patients are put on pain-killer drugs and suggested to bite the gauze pad within intervals. The pads absorb blood and therefore have to be changed periodically. Numbness may force the patient to bite one’s cheek and therefore, one must sleep with an anti-gravity posture and at a certain height. Pillows may be piled up so that one can keep his head at a height to help soothe the bleeding. Clean cloth pieces soaked in warm water must be used for 2-3 days to heal the cheek. Gelatinous food such as pudding or soup proves to be fruitful since the patient is incapable to chew because of the surgery.

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Solid food is increased slowly. Straw should be avoided while drinking any liquid food. Straw may loosen the blood clot and the healing may be affected. The saltwater that is recommended for use should have a certain proportion of mixture: 1 tsp (5g) of salt in a medium-sized glass [8 fl oz (240mL)] of the warm water. The patient should not smoke for at least 24 hours after surgery. Any kind of sucking activity of the mouth should be avoided to avoid germs and contamination.

The spot of surgery should not be rubbed with the tongue or fingers. The patient will feel some pain while opening the jaw (trismus). Working people mostly do not enjoy any allowances or insurance schemes for dental treatment which proves to be expensive.