Alternatives to CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Alternatives to CBD Gummies for Anxiety

There are several other options available for people with anxiety looking for an effective way to get their daily dose of CBD. While these methods don’t provide the same quick results you get from taking gummies (especially if it’s your first time trying it out), they do provide a lasting and effective relief.

Here’s a list of the most common and reliable alternative CBD products for anxiety:

CBD Vape Juice (Tinctures)

One of the quickest ways to get CBD gummies for anxiety into your system is using CBD vape juice or tinctures, which can be taken in several ways including orally, under the tongue, and by vaping. While this method does work well, there are some drawbacks such as having to use more product than you would with other methods because of its concentration level.

CBD Balm or Creams – There are no negative side effects from using balms or creams that contain CBD since they’re absorbed through your skin instead of going straight into your body (like gummies) or through your digestive system (like edibles). They’re also one of the most popular ways to get CBD into your system since they’re discreet, easy to carry, and don’t require water like tinctures. There are downsides like having to wait for it to kick in (unless you rub it on areas that would be immediately absorbed by the body), so its effects won’t last as long as vaping or taking capsules.

CBD Gummies

CBD Capsules – CBD capsules have been around for quite some time now, but their effectiveness has mostly been determined by the quality of the product inside. With pills being extremely easy to produce, there’s a great deal of them out there that are just plain ineffective despite being sold as CBD (so you’ll want to buy from a trusted vendor). But for those who can afford quality, they’re effective and convenient.

Topical CBD – Products Just like balms and creams, topical products such as ointments or patches don’t take long to produce noticeable effects. While this is great for those looking for immediate relief (especially if you rub it on your skin), it won’t be ideal if you need something that lasts longer.

CBD gummies are not the most popular way of taking CBD because of how incredibly uncomfortable it can get, but there are some people who swear by its effectiveness when pain relief is at the top of their list. Suppositories aren’t just beneficial if you have stomach problems either, as a dose of CBD can improve almost any kind of pain with no side effects.