Benefits of wellness treat centers

Benefits of wellness treat centers

After a whole year of stress and fatigue, everyone wants to enjoy their well-deserved holidays to relax and unplug from everyday life. In order to best face all the challenges that will arise in the new working year, most people choose to spend their holidays immersed in nature . Whether camping, by the sea, in the mountains or by the lake, the common denominator is to fully benefit from all that nature offers. But unfortunately, the vacation period always lasts too short compared to the time dedicated to work. Precisely for this reason everyone should choose to maintain or extend the state of well-being of the holidays over time, especially now that we are about to start the daily routine again. One way to do this is to hang out withwellness centers and spas . These new and healthy habits will greatly benefit both the body and the mind. Just start by introducing a few hours a month and over time it will become an appointment that will be difficult to give up wellness retreat Portugal.

It is undeniable that most of our body is made up of water, so it is easy to understand how this element is essential for our well-being. Already in ancient times many peoples used spas and thermal waters to relax.

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Today the SPAs are welcoming structures where you can take advantage of different treatments aimed at the psycho-physical well-being of each person. In addition to the classic thermal waters, the SPAs also have all the services offered by the wellness centers such as massages , mud baths and body treatments. Each activity has as its main objective to eliminate any form of stress. The only watchword is relaxation.

In fact, one of the fundamental rules when attending a SPA is to leave out all negative emotions and focus only on the positive sensations that the body transmits. You just have to let yourself go, listen to the background of the soothing sounds of music and water and immerse yourself in the thought of absolute relaxation. The formula for feeling good is to perceive how relaxation occurs in the body and mind and let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of those moments.

Let’s see in practice what are the main benefits for the body and mind that are obtained from the SPA:

– STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM : the high temperatures of the saunas stimulate sweating which in turn eliminates bacteria and strengthens the body;

– IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: hot water increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure, this promotes the health of the heart and consequently of the rest of the body. In addition, the alternation of hot and cold water in some treatments helps the circulation to work better. The activation of the circulation, combined with a correct diet, also fights water retention and cellulite.