Different types of hemp oils

Different types of hemp oils

Many people are much interested in hemp oil but most of them get confused about which is exactly hemp oil. This happens because there is a lack of knowledge and there are many sources in the market that can mislead people. The hemp oils are used in vape cartridges if you want the best product then check the vape carts here that are at exhale.com. Firstly one would understand the type of hemp oil, there are three types of hemp oil and are Hemp seed oil, CBD oil, and hemp essential oil. Let us know about each of them in detail.

  • Hemp seed oil: There are two types of hemp seed oil, one unrefined hemp seed and refined seed oil. First, let us look at unrefined hemp seed oil; this oil has a green color with a nutty flavor in it. The unrefined oil is made with very less heat that is why it has more nutritional values and it does not go through the bleaching process. Most people call this oil virgin or pure oil. As it is made with less heat it has a less short life span. Once the bottle is open you need to keep it in the refrigerator and when the expiry date is near the oil start smelling bad.
  • The second one is the refined hemp seed oil, It is colorless and does not have much flavor in it. It is also less in antioxidants and vitamins. The life span of this oil is longer as it is bleached and iodized. This oil is being used in soaps and moisturizers for ages.

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  • CBD oil or hemp oil: CBD oil is extracted from the flower and leaves of the hemp plant. This oil is used for medical purposes as it reduces inflammation pain, anxiety, and many more other problems. They are also used in skincare products. Most people get confused as sometimes CBD oil is referred to as hemp oil. While buying this oil make sure that you see the label carefully and buy only the pure oil. You should also check where the hemp plants were grown as hemp can take all the toxins from the soil.
  • Hemp essential oil: the essential oil is extracted from the upper leaves and the flowers. To get the pure form of oil it is steam distilled. Generally, the color of hemp essential oil is pale yellow or light green color. It is one of the costliest oil in the world. It does not have any CBD or THC in it. 


Hope this information clears all your confusion about hemp oils.