Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Here Are Signs That Says It All!

Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Here Are Signs That Says It All!

Have you heard a friend complaining about her sensitive skin? Do you think you have the same skin type too? Sensitive skin can range from different conditions. It can be a genetic ailment like eczema or rosacea. Or it can also be caused by allergies. People will react differently to certain products and ingredients. But how can you determine if you also have sensitive skin? Here are some signs that your skin tells you.

Skin Flushes Easily

If you experience redness, then that is a very common sign of sensitive skin. It can be a genetic predisposition or a reaction to certain ingredients. Those who have really sensitive skin will usually have this reaction more often than those who don’t. And those who do not experience frequent skin sensitivity should also avoid harsh ingredients.

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Dryness And Irritation

These two are signs of eczema. This is a type of dermatitis that is characterized by a leaky skin barrier that cannot trap moisture. If you do not do something about the dryness of your skin, it can lead to scaling and flaking.

Products Have A Stinging or Burning Sensation

It can be your cleanser, foundation, moisturizer, or even your sunscreen. If your skin reacts in a negative way, then you have sensitive skin. Usually, individuals who have sensitive skin have thinner skin barrier which allows ingredients to sting or burn. So avoid using skincare products with harsh ingredients. Opt to use the best cruelty free skincare Australia to avoid irritation.

Prone Top Bumps And Rashes

Have you noticed any bumps or rashes on your skin? If this happens frequently, then it could be a sign that you have sensitive skin. So before you use new products, do a patch test first on a small, unaffected area. Then wait for 24 hours to see if any rash developed. Make sure that you do this first before you start applying the product on your face or body.

Itchy Skin

If you have itchy and taut skin, it can be a symptom of skin sensitivity. This is usually caused by frequently washing with hot water. So switch to lukewarm water and be gentle on your cleanser. Make sure that you follow it up with a moisturizer.

Your Skin Reacts To Fragrance

Sensitive skin types do not react positively to scented products. You would want to smell good, but it can be a trigger to your sensitive skin. If this is you, then opt for fragrance-free skincare and beauty products. There are people who get their skin easily inflamed when using therapeutic essential oils like cinnamon, peppermint, and clove. So do not assume. Again, do a patch test.

Break Outs Happen All The Time

Having sensitive, dry skin usually results in breakouts. This is because your skin produces extra oils in order to compensate for the lack of moisture. This is why they can easily clog your pores. If this happens, wash your face not more than twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser and avoid using irritating spot treatments.

Always listen to what your skin tells you. Be observant of how it reacts with different products and make sure that you avoid them next time to avoid irritating your skin. Remember that not all beauty and skincare products are created the same. Some will work for you, while others don’t.