Understand the importance of wearing mask

Understand the importance of wearing mask

Understand the importance of wearing mask

Our lives have been altered as a result of a virus. Millions have been infected. Wearing a mask, according to all international health organisations, is one of the most effective measures to overcome the pandemic. When you go out, you must wear a mask. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, respiratory particles like COVID-19 virus are prevented from escaping into the air by wearing a mask. As a result, if an infected individual wears a mask, other healthy people will not become infected. Similarly, when a healthy person wears a mask, it works as a barrier between them and the virus that is floating in the air. Also, click here to know more

But are you sick of hiding behind a mask?

You are not by yourself. We wear it to save our lives, but it is not very comfortable and causes rashes in some people. If you are in a rush and your pulse rate has increased, the mask can make breathing slightly difficult, and it also causes our glasses to fog up. To avoid that you can choose correct mask. There are plenty of masks available in the market.

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Thousands of people were once killed by the common cold and flu. But people dying from the flu is unimaginable nowadays, it is because medical research has advanced than the previous century.

When someone gets a cold, viral fever, or the flu, various medications help lower the temperature, rehydrate the body, and relieve symptoms. Then there are flu shots and pneumonia shots, which ensure that if you do catch the flu, the pathogen does not reach your lungs and worsen your health.

Mask is also the advanced invention that helps us protect ourselves from affecting the viruses. In case if all the people around didn’t wear mask then still lot of people might get affected with corona virus. You can click here to know more.

These viruses can affect a healthy person quicker without knowing that the person got that infection or not. Even if you are affected you cannot find soon as it takes time to show the symptoms. Also, if you are not affected because of good immune system you can be a carrier of such virus and you may pass it to some other person as well. So, be sure that you are wearing mask whenever you are going out. It is most important thing to remember that you can only protect you by wearing mask as well as others.