What do you know about using CBD oil?

What do you know about using CBD oil?

Do you actually know how to use CBD? In this article we are going to talk about this topic. Click here for cbd near me.

Topical use

One of the ways to use CBD oil is to put it directly on the skin (or mix it with a cream). In this way, CBD reaches local targets such as muscles, localized inflammation, cells that perceive pain, some redness, eczema, psoriasis, etc .

Using CBD in this way is perfect for when you want to treat a skin problem or other problem in a more specific way. ut, this process needs to be regulated by the authorities.


This is another method of using CBD. USA, Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, and even Ecuador are one step ahead and their experts advise the sublingual use of CBD to take better advantage of all its effects.Visit this site for cbd near me.

Sublingual use means putting the oil under the tongue . If you are wondering “Why is this?” It is because under the tongue we have an area with many capillaries and thus the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, it is sent directly to the whole body and the effects are noticeable much faster. Of course, they recommend you have it under your tongue at least 30 seconds before swallowing.

Also, when you have never used the oil in this way, experts recommend that you start with a low amount (about 4 drops) and as you see how it works, increase if necessary, it is important not to start too strong You may go numb Keep in mind that some people need only 2 drops and others need half a pipette or more. Anyway, we have an article where we explain this in depth .

In all the countries we were talking about, they use this way of consumption especially to treat anxiety and stress problems, to feel relaxed, to relieve more general pain, and even to cushion the symptoms of Parkinson’s and epilepsy. The truth is that this is super interesting, if you want to know more we leave you a link to a video on how CBD helps a Parkinson’s patient and another to an article on how CBD helped a child with epilepsy .


You can swallow CBD directly, although what is done most is to add it to a non-alcoholic drink, such as coffee , a smoothie , a juice or a non-alcoholic cocktail .

Experts tell us that this is the slowest way of absorption but it is also the way in which the effects last the longest, although the effect is lighter than sublingually. That’s because CBD travels through the digestive system and is then absorbed into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body. In this way, the effect lasts between 1 and 6 hours, but it is a lighter effect.

Also, they tell us, we must take into account that we absorb more cannabinoids on a full stomach, which will make it more effective. In addition, CBD is fat-soluble, that is, consuming healthy fat can increase the dose of CBD that reaches the bloodstream.

People who use CBD in this way, usually do it as a routine, to regulate different chronic problems and always feel good.