One of the most popular workouts that do not require any weights or machines is the Pilates that surprisingly is fit for everyone who wants to become fit and healthy. You can perform its exercises using only your body weight alone which makes it a very flexible and very convenient exercise program.

A Pilates workout usually includes a set of exercises and stretches while each of this exercise is done by having enough attention to proper breathing techniques as well as abdominal muscular control, and in order to reap the benefits of Pilates, you have to engage in its exercises twice or three times a week.

However, according to many, Pilates’ results can be seen after twenty sessions. So why is it so effective in turning you into a fit person? Pilates challenges your body through static postures and putting yourself in an unstable posture that forces your body to move and find support on your limbs in order for you to maintain that posture for a period of time. There are two types of Pilates which are the mat-based, and the equipment based that have its own advantages and benefits like the best center for osteopathy, myotherapy, clinical pilates and bike fit offers to their clients.

Nowadays, Pilates can be enjoyed in group sessions, so if you are planning to start your own Pilates journey, you can do it along with other beginners. So, what are the advantages of Pilates group sessions?

A Pilates Workout

Check out the detailed list below:

1. Extra motivation– It is truly inspiring as well as motivating that you are surrounded by people who are dedicated and focused on finishing a workout. Having like-minded individuals in a workout will push you harder to finish your workout routine as well. It does not get a lot more empowering compared to working out Pilates alone.

2. You have a well-structured Pilates workout plan– it is an effective way to work out without having to come up with a plan because each Pilates group class you are attending is already following a structure of fitness routines starting from warm-ups, the main workout, and the cool-down exercises. Usually, the warm-up is used to properly raise your heart rate and get you to start sweating while the main workout is where everything is going to be intense where you will be doing the main exercises followed by the last part, the cool down exercises intended to relax your muscles after that strenuous main workout.

3. Proper form guidance– In a Pilates group class, the Pilates instructor or trainer is there to guide you and show you the proper form for each Pilates workout. They are the ones who ensure that everyone in the Pilates class is executing the exercise routine properly. Not only the proper form but also to make the exercise more effective to your muscles which also eliminates the possibility of getting injuries.

4. Can provide you various Pilates techniques– In Pilates group classes, you are offered to have different kinds of workouts depending on your choices. Usually, aside from weight-based Pilates, mat-based Pilates and even yoga.