Hair Transplantation as the Best Hair Restoration Technique

Hair Transplantation as the Best Hair Restoration Technique

Hair transplantation has come a long way from the doll hair for which the first procedures were known. Most results today are indistinguishable from natural hair.

The reason is the advanced technique and donor hair from the back of the head and the side.

Hair transplant or hair restoration is a medical procedure to address the problem of hair loss in men and women. The latest surgical or chemical technique was invented to restore the human scalp to its organic and growth state. It is a fact that many people, be they men or women, have to deal with this difficult situation at any time. The implantation or restoration technique is highly preferred because it is the only permanent hair restoration or treatment method at Skyclinic.

The transplant procedure involves the use of frills on the sides and back of the scalp. The part of the hair, especially in male pattern baldness, is called dominant donor hair. It has the potential for hair growth wherever it is transplanted. The most recent and successful mechanism is called hair follicle transplantation.


Hair transplant procedure:

Hair transplant surgery is an outpatient process in which a local anesthetic is administered to the patient before surgery. The surgeon then separates the follicle and hair growth from the dominant donor spots on the body and separates them into branches. Shoots can usually contain one or two to six hairs. Once the buds are formed, they are inserted under the skin of the bald spot.

After hair surgery:

Hair implantation surgery does not give instant results. After completing the operation, the hair falls out of the follicle, but this does not mean that the operation has failed; in fact, it is part of the process. In this surgical process, hair falls out at the beginning of ten days, but new hair grows from the follicle after two or three months. The patient’s growth returns to normal after three months.

The procedure can also be used when someone has lost a significant portion of their hair due to an accident, hereditary factors, or burns. The only last option available is to replace the lost hair at that location. In the transplant process, hair is transplanted from the back of the scalp to the front of the bald spot. Patients have high hair density on the back of the scalp.

Hair transplant benefits:

Long-term results:

Hair implantation surgery is performed in several stages. There is no need to repeat the treatment and continue taking the medication if the process is successful.


The patient’s organic follicles are moved to the balding area, and these follicles behave like natural follicles and accelerate natural hair growth. Again, this process is not a temporary solution; growth will return to normal after three to six months.

Less time:

Hair restoration surgery takes less time compared to other traditional methods and creates a natural effect.


Total transplant or replacement is the most important method commonly used because it is more effective, popular, and gives long-term results. Transplant surgeons also do a great job in this area because it is popular, and most people use this technique today to prevent hair loss.