Need For A Medical Disposable Face Mask

Need For A Medical Disposable Face Mask

During the pandemic, covid-19 situation face mask like cloth masks and surgical masks were used as s personal and public health control measure that prevents the spread of SARS-CoV-2. In both health care and community settings, their use has intended as a souce5 of control in a certain limit of virus spread and prevention of infection. The use of medical disposable face mask was recommended by the healthcare professionals and also by the political authorities for reducing the risk of contamination. About 95% of the total population used to face mask during the pandemic situation. Out of 63% of the survey population and recorded wearing a mask, which ranked higher than an actual number as some of the rural people don’t use Mask.

Benefits of using surgical masks

The disposable device’s surgical masks are loose-fitting,comfortable products that created a physical barrier between the nose and mouth of the contaminants and the wearer, respectively. If the mask is worn properly,it blocked splashes, large particles droplets, splatter or sprays that contained Bacteria and virus,which prevented it from reaching the wearer’s mouth and nose. It alsoreduced the exposure of respiratory secretion and the wearer’s saliva. LHM medical produced certified medical masks there made-up of material called non woven material. These material were generally multi-layered. They also contain a filter that is made up of microfibre and with an electrostatic charge. The electret filter that was present increased the chance that the mini particles would hit the fibre and not move inside.Development took place in the making of electret materials that can be reused and washed, but it is suggested that they should not be washed with water and soap or alcohol,leading to the destruction of the electric charge. The public health authority issued many guidelines during the covid-19 pandemic situation about reusing and saving an electret filter mask without affecting filtration efficiency. These masks were of different standard materialused in different parts of the world also haddifferent particles range that they filter.

LHM Procedure Mask
Close-up of N95 respirator mask during an outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, San Francisco, California, March 30, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

The limited transmission of particles is the effectiveness of3 surgical masks due to their materials function. Due to this pandemic situation, scientists have done many evalia4 and modifications of earloop masks to improve the Mask’s efficiency by reducing the gap between the t5 face and the mask. According to the CDC’s evaluation, it recommended two types of modification to the ear loops surgical masks for reducing the chance of transmission ofcoronavirus.

When the surgical masks were covered with a large cloth mask, it blocked 82% of particles. And this percentage of particles blocking was increased to 95% when both the wearers were either used the tuck and knot technique not or double-masked. So follow the proper Guidelines and stay home stay safe.