Why You May Still Get Cavities Despite Your Care Routine

Why You May Still Get Cavities Despite Your Care Routine

According to the top dentists, the one and only way to stop cavity issues is to brush regularly and rightly. But if we look at the real scenario we will see that today cavities have become the most common dental issue. Most people complain that they get cavities even after taking all the care for their teeth. If you are one of those who have the same question then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss why we still get cavities despite taking all the necessary care.

Lack Of Calcium- According to top dentists and nutritionists, Calcium keeps our teeth strong. It also prevents issues like cavities and early tooth decay. So if your diet is lacking calcium then it could cause a cavity eventually. If you spot any sign of cavities, do not wait more and visit a London dentist. They can rightly diagnose the issue and suggest you the right care. Sometimes the food we eat on a daily basis doesn’t contain enough calcium, so get it checked and add some more nutrients to your daily diet.

Heredity- Heredity also has a big role here. According to the research evidence, it could be stated that heredity and a family history of dental issues could be the biggest reason why you get cavities even after taking all the care. So if you are experiencing any symptoms of cavity then do not wait more and visit the dentists.

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Eating Junk Foods- Another reason for developing a cavity despite taking care is you eat too much junk food. Eating too much junk food produces more acid in your mouth which eventually causes tooth decay. But here is some good news for you too. You can prevent such issues with the suggestion of a London dentist. Suggesting the right toothpaste to give the right instructions could help you at the best level.

Reflux Or Gastric Issues- People with health issues like Reflux or Gastric problem are more likely to develop dental issues like cavities. Generally, their stomach produces a huge amount of acid and such an acidic reaction is the primary reason why people get cavities even after taking all the right care.

The Wrong Technique Of Brushing- Another significant cause of cavities is applying the wrong technique of brushing. Even your brushing effect depends on how you hold your brush. While brushing you need to ensure that your brush is reaching every corner of your mouth. You need to make sure all your molar and premolar teeth are getting exposed to your toothpaste.

So these 5 listed reasons are the most common causes why people with good dental hygiene often suffer from cavity issues. To know more about your teeth’s health, go and check it by a good dentist.