Learn More About Dental Sciences And The Type Of Dental Specialists

Learn More About Dental Sciences And The Type Of Dental Specialists

There are various kinds of branches in the field of medical sciences, which are also furthermore divided into more branches. People face various medical problems related to different parts and different organs in their bodies, and different specialists specialize in their specific field which is related to the specific part of the organ, or even the type of medicine.

What Is Dentistry?

One such field is the field of dental sciences or dentistry, this field is basically related to all the issues associated with the teeth and gums. Dental specialists who are trained in this field are called dentists; you can find many of the Randwick dentist who specialize in their field easily in Australia.Dental specialists are dentists who receive additional training in a specific dental specialty, above and beyond their general dentistry degree. Due to heredity, issues with your overall health, an accident, or some other reason, you may need to visit a dental specialist.

Types Of Dental Specialists

There are different types of dental specialist who specialize in different fields of dentistry which are:

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: This dental specialty treats problems related to the hard and soft tissues of your face, mouth, and jaw. You don’t need this type of dental specialist for every kind of oral surgery. These specialists perform very complex procedures that require a high amount of skill, these procedures can be like tooth extractions, cleft lip surgery, jaw correction surgery, etc.
  • Pediatric Dentist: A pediatric dental specialist is to a child’s oral health like a pediatrician is to their physical health. Pediatric dentistsspecialize in the oral development and dental care of children from infancy through their teens. Although a normal dentist can also treat children with their dental problems but the people usually prefer pediatric dentistsas they have age-specific knowledge of how to deal with the children of the specific ages and you can get a Randwick dentist, who is also a pediatric dentist.
  • Orthodontist: An orthodontist is a dental specialist who corrects the position of your teeth and jaws. You might see this type of dental specialist if you have an overbite, underbite or crossbite caused by a misaligned jaw. Orthodontist also correct crooked or misaligned teeth. In these situations, an orthodontist uses braces, clear aligners, palatal expanders, or headgear as part of your treatment plan. Children often see this type of dental specialist, but as adult braces and other alignments become more routine, people of all ages now commonly see orthodontists.

There are also other different numbers of dental specialists apart from these dental specialists and you can consult a Randwick dentist if you live in Australia and you can get your dental problems cured of them.